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"After almost a year - my C5 RS" (

2000 C5 Corvette I?ve been an absolute car nut all of my life. I love cars; it?s a disease. If you love cars as much as I do, you know exactly what I?m talking about. It all started, innocently enough when my already modified 2000 C5 Corvette?s engine went kaput and the car deemed worthless. I had several options, I could have bought a C6 Z06; I could have done what my car friends said was the rationale thing and buy a 911 GT3, or bought an E63 AMG and called it a day. Instead I went the dumb route and decided to resurrect the Vette and somehow along the way I decided that I wanted the equivalent of a street legal Speed World Challenge car. Yes it would be loud and uncomfortable, probably impossible to drive in traffic, but it would 150% kick ass. I would have the ability to pass the 90 year olds in their Buicks faster than any car on the street; take that grandpa. In all seriousness, I wanted the equivalent of a 911 GT3 RS, a car that could easily be driven to a high performance driving event; kick ass on the track; drive back home, then change the brake pads and fluids and call it a day.

So that?s what we planned out and that is what we ultimately built. What ensued over the past 9 months was a lot of learning and a very questionable investment (hmmm? idiot car fan learned very quickly that every component is inter-related and that building a well balanced car takes time, parts and experimentation thus making it an expensive and timely ordeal). In the end it was well worth it and I am left with an absolute kick ass car that I love to drive.

The work was all done at Tony?s Corvette Shop in Gaithersburg Maryland. I cannot say enough about how great the guys at Tony?s were during the whole build. It was a very interactive process, with me researching and ordering a lot of the parts and something I can?t wait to repeat again (for the Jalopnik folks, I will build the Enzomino one day and dedicate it you guys). If you are going to heavily modify a car, you really need a good shop (and for neurotic, over-involved persons like myself, a good interactive process) ? You need a shop with a wide range of expertise and the ability to want to learn to do different things and do it right - I found just that at Tony?s and I say "Thank you for my kick ass Ferrari eating, 997 Turbo slaying, AMG dusting ride". SF

"600HP, where to get it" (

I'm getting a 427 C5R block with 530rwhp for my 2000 coupe built at Tony's Corvette Shop in Gaithersburg, Md. (301) 987-0565. They are one of the best shops in the east coast. They have really ramped up their capabilities for the newer cars. They are not the cheapest but their product is fantastic and will stand behind it. Of course with 600hp comes a $7-10k brake job as well as, reinforcing the whole drive train. Not to mention suspension changes (not too much in parts but a whole lot of labor). For my car we ended up going with the C5R engine, reinforced MN12, Exidy double plated clutch, 3.90 reinforced rear. To get all of this to run properly and stay cool we added an oil cooler/larger radiator, tranny/trans cooler and steering cooler. Now we have a bullet proof drive train that needs to stop and do it repeatedly so we went with Red Devil Ceramic/Titanium brake package (used in Nextel Cup Cars). It weighs 33lbs less than the stock system; a positive to this system is that it is a 6/4 calliper system and we did not have to change wheels becasue the rotors are the size of the stock ones because. They do not need to be bigger because of the greater friction and heat dissipation of the rotor/caliper combo (supposedly 60-0 distances are in the 90-80 foot range!!). We also needed to add steel brake lines as well as front (DRM vents) and rear venting (Z06 Ducts). So now the car can accelerate and decelerate but can it handle. We changed the springs (Vette Brakes) and dampers (Billstein) as well as the sway bars (Hotchkiss). We also needed heavy duty bushings (to poly), links and toe/tie ends so they would not melt with the heat. We also added a bump steer kit to deal with the stiffer suspension. In order to stiffen the car more we changed the tunnel plate and added a rear chasis stiffener (looks like a half roll cage for the rear). I also added a G2 front and rear spoiler for a bit more downforce as well as a DuMans multi port hood to let the car breathe. We did the C5R lights just for looks and so I don't have to raise the lights at the track. All in all it is going to cost as much as a new vette but the car is going to be at Ferrari Enzo performance levels. Just beware 600+ hp is no good unless you do the whole thing and doing that is very expensive albeit extremely rewarding.

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"Corvette Specialist - Washington DC/MD/VA" (

...Tony's Corvette Shop in Gaithersburg, MD, near the Montgomery County Airport, is well known, does great work. And he has an unbelievable stock of parts.

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