Our Standards and Business Philosophy

At Tony’s Corvette Shop, we have a very simple business policy. We are fair and honest and will utilize our vast knowledge to tell you everything about your car. WE DO NOT CUT CORNERS! If you are just shopping for cheap prices and don’t care about having your car worked on by a quality shop and the best technicians, Do Not Use Our Shop!

Vette Magazine subscribers rank us as one of the Top 10 performance, restoration, and repair shops in the country. Most importantly, Our customers tell us we are the best! We have been in business since 1988. Since then we have evaluated, repaired, restored, and performance modified over 9,000 Corvettes. We have 10 technicians with over 200 years of Corvette experience under one roof. Our technicians are well educated in the art of restoration, repair and performance modifications. We are the final stop for all Corvette customers, even other shops and dealerships.

Our restoration record is flawless! We have achieved over 250 NCRS TOP FLIGHT & Bloomington Gold Awards -- all on their first presentations.

Our Dyno Laboratory offers our customers the highest calibrated, most accurate and repeatable dynamometer on the east coast. Our skilled technicians know and understand the sophisticated computer technology required to tune the newer Corvettes, as well as tuning the older carbureted classic Corvettes.

Our personal philosophy is direct and to the point. We like to be clear in what you expect from us, and what we expect from you. We prefer a good working relationship with our customers- your car is our car - that’s how we do business. No surprises! All repairs and major jobs are documented with digital photos and given to you at the completion of the job.

If you are looking for the best Corvette Shop in the country to maintain, repair or modify you car, call for an appointment today.

Tony Avedisian, Owner

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