Technical Articles

We will routinely post interesting and informative articles here as we find pertinent information related to tuning and performance.

Engine Basics: Detonation and Pre-Ignition

One of the best articles we’ve seen describing the differences in the two events.

Racing Technology: Fueling the Competitive Spirit

Unleaded? Leaded? Diesel? Corn-fed? Racing fuels have never been more varied.
Very interesting article on current fuel technology from Road and Track.

Flash-Based Factory PCMs - Tech - In A Flash

Very good description of PCMs and ECMs from GM High-Tech Performance Magazine

Understanding Wheel Hop

Very good article on the causes and remedies of Wheel Hop!

Inside the LS3: An illustrated look at the engine that powers the 2008 Chevrolet Corvette

From Motor Trend Magazine, good overview of what’s coming!

General Motors OBD II –Driving Cycles

If you have disconnected your battery or had your car’s computer re-flashed or tuned, before going through emissions testing, this driving cycle must be completed. If you have driven normal day-to-day driving for about 100 miles, your tests are probably completed.

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