Dyno Laboratory Diagnostics

One of the most important aspects of the operation of our Dyno Laboratory is the ability to perform diagnostic procedures on the cars we tune as well as cars that come into our shop for repairs. With the dyno, we have the ability to operate the car at any speed, any throttle position, in any gear, for any amount of time in order to diagnose a problem. From simply finding a rattle or noise to sophisticated fuel mapping, our Dyno Laboratory continues to prove itself as a tremendous diagnostic and tuning tool.

Your car must operate properly in order for us to accurately tune the car.

Regardless of the modifications, the car must idle and run with the proper fueling and timing before any performance tuning takes place.

Tuning is not intended to fix mechanical problems!

These cars employ sophisticated mathematical algorithms and technology in order to maintain stoichemetric air/fuel ratio of approximately 14.7 to 1. If sensors aren’t working properly, components failing, or simply if air leaks exist in the intake or exhaust system, your car will not operate properly and therefore you will waste your money on a tune. Our sophisticated diagnostic procedures utilize the most current software available together with years of automotive knowledge to accurately diagnose and repair your car.

Diagnostic Road Test on the Dyno

Road Test Results From Dyno

Most cars that come in for tuning have issues.

Some are simple, like air leaks, while others are more complex. The key point is, we diagnose every car and make sure that the car is running properly before any tuning is completed. Once this is done, then and only then, can we proceed to tuning for maximum performance at Wide Open Throttle.

As a service to our customers who like to do their own work, we offer our diagnostic services on an ala carte basis. On most cars, excluding highly modified cars, basic diagnostic evaluation and dyno testing costs around $150.00. If you want to know air fuel or other metrics, additional charges will be incurred.

Common Mistakes and Problems

Air Leak From Oil Filler Vent

Massive air leak created by the addition of a vent filter at the oil fill. Common installation error by other shops!

Water Pump Installation Error

Installation Error: Water pump pulley rubbing air duct on a supercharger install

Exhaust Leak

Exhaust Leak !

Catalytic Converte Collapse

Running rich caused collapse of catalytic converter substrate

If you are having issues with your car like poor idle quality, running rich, stalling, sooty exhaust pipes, or you just want to make sure everything is running correctly, give us a call for an appointment or contact us via the web site.

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