DYNO Laboratory FAQs

Do you tune other vehicles besides Corvettes?

Yes, we have the capability to tune all supported GM vehicles including Camaro, Firebird, GTO, SSR, CTS-V and most GM Trucks. Our dyno is a "rear wheel" dyno, so no fulltime 4WD or AWD vehicles will work. We also tune older carbureted vehicles, the oldest having been a 1954 Corvette.

Other Tuners use a "tail pipe sniffer" for reading Air Fuel ratio. Why don't you?

Measuring Air Fuel at the end of the tailpipe works for the older cars that aren't equipped with catalytic converters. Newer cars using catalytic converters MUST be measured before the converter. Think about it?..what does a converter do? It converts any unburned gas mixture to low emissions gases. There is no direct correlation to air fuel ratio after the exhaust gases pass through the converters.

What is a "Bung"?

Welded to Exhaust Before Installation A bung is a "port" that is welded onto your exhaust system, before the catalytic converters, that facilitates the use our Wide Band O2 Sensors. This is necessary because the computer expects to see, and uses, both front O2 sensors on the car. The rear O2 sensors are usually behind the converters and those ports can't be used. We use stainless steel bungs and plugs that never corrode. For optimizing tunes, only one bung is used. For Heads and Cam installs, Superchargers and more complicated tuning, 2 bungs are used.

Can Tony's burn chips for my Corvette?

Computer chips were last used in Corvettes in 1993. We program directly to the cars computer memory for 1994 and up. On earlier GM cars, 1986 and up, we have the capability to tune, program ("burn") and install the chips in those computers that require them.

Can you test other vehicles on your dyno?

Yes, we can test most all rear wheel drive vehicles as long as they fit on the equipment and we can strap them down safely. We've dyno'd Cobras, a Miata, Mustangs, Avalanche, Tahoe, Silverado Pickups, SSRs, and Cadillacs to mention a few.

Can you tune my car for better gas mileage?

Tuning is generally used to optimize performance modifications. If your car is running properly, it is unlikely that tuning will have any effect on gas mileage. However, if you car isn't running properly, we highly recommend a diagnostic session to determine what's wrong and then get it repaired. Often weak or bad sensors will have a dramatic impact on mileage, as well as air leaks in the intake or exhaust system. A regular standard "tune up" is required to keep your car running properly.

My Corvette seems to run HOT. Can you turn the fans on earlier?

Yes, for example, C5 Corvette fans don't come on until 219 and 229 degrees F. We recommend a lower temperature thermostat, and then we can set your fans to come on in the range of 180-200 degrees F. Please call for the cost of your car as it varies based on the year of the car, cost of the thermostat, antifreeze and chip if needed.

How much horsepower can you pick up by tuning a stock Corvette?

If your Corvette is running well, generally tuning will only gain you a little horsepower. We generally don't recommend tuning stock cars because it just isn't cost effective. Keep your stock Corvette running well with regular oil changes and regular maintenance of all fluids, engine, and drive line components.

Catalogs sell "Plug-In Tuners". Do they work?

Those tuners are designed with generic tunes that typically richen up the fuel and add timing. That may or may not add horsepower. Additionally, they will often remove many of the stock protections built in by GM, like knock retard and torque management. These parameters are there to protect your engine and drivetrain, and except for pure racing applications, we leave them intact with our tunes. We recommend a custom tune for your car on our dyno, not a generic "tune-in-a-box".

Should I remove the screen from the Mass Air Flow Sensor on my car?

NO! The screen creates a more laminar airflow thus allowing the sensors inside the MAF to more accurately read airflow. Disruption of this airflow causes less accuracy and thus less accurate fueling.

Should I install an aftermarket Mass Air Flow Sensor to gain horsepower?

We strongly recommend keeping the GM sensor on the car unless your car is for "track only". Most aftermarket sensors are less accurate than the original and will generally create unstable fueling calculations. This instability usually results in loss of horsepower. We will not tune a street driven car with certain aftermarket sensors, so check with us before wasting your money.

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Another Shop advertises "Free Re-Tuning". Do you do this?

If your car was tuned properly the first time, you do not need to be re-tuned unless you make more modifications or something else changes. Beware!

Why are your results lower than most other dynos?

Our results are gained from highly calibrated laboratory equipment in a controlled and monitored environment. We use the most sophisticated dyno available in the industry, the SuperFlow 840. General Motors also uses SuperFlow dynos. For example, our dyno costs three times the cost of the top of the line competitor's machine. Therefore, we produce accurate results that are then adjusted to strict SAE standards. When our results are compared to results from less calibrated and controlled environments, we are generally around 10% lower than the typical industry reported results. When tuning your car, we believe you want the most accurate tuning and results available.

How do I compare your dyno results to the forums and magazines?

First of all, read the above statement on results. Simply, add 10% to our results and you will compare to the other types of dynos like Dynojet, Mustang, Dynopack, etc.. When we tune your car, we publish a booklet of the results that includes Industry Comparable Results. Beware of outrageous claims achieved in uncontrolled environments with un-calibrated equipment.

Can I watch you tune my car?

Sorry, but we don't allow anyone present during tuning. Why? Interruptions and distractions could cause us to make a mistake or to miss something altogether. We don't want to take that risk with your car. We will, if possible, invite you to see the final dyno pull to watch your car in action! We will also thoroughly discuss the results of the tuning and answer any questions you may have.

If I install a cam in my car, will I pick up a hundred horsepower?

Depending on the profile, most cams when installed in a stock automobile will usually make 15 to 25 additional rear wheel horsepower. You will gain more if a performance intake, heads and/or exhaust is also installed. Don't be mislead by outrageous claims?.remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!!!!

Will the install of an aftermarket Air Intake get me 30 to 40 horsepower?

No air intake that we know of will produce that level of power. We install the Callaway Honker on most Corvettes. It is dyno tested and proven repeatedly to produce an incremental increase of 12 to 15 rear wheel horsepower, depending on how the car is equipped. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!!!!

"I've installed over $2000 in performance add-ons worth over 200 horsepower as advertised, and my C5 still won't go faster than 13.5 seconds in the quarter mile. Do I need a tune?"

Don't be mislead by advertised claims of huge horsepower gains, add them all up and expect to achieve the total horsepower gains. It won't happen!!! Often, many add-ons actually reduce horsepower by altering the normal performance of your car. With our dyno, we test most everything on the market and we can tell you if the performance part is worthwhile to install, or if its junk. Most of the time, tuning cannot overcome inferior parts.

Will installing one of those "air swirling turbo things" improve my performance and gas mileage?

Our experience with the dyno has shown reduced gas mileage, as much as 25% air restriction, and loss of horsepower.

Why don't you offer "performance packages" like everyone else in the business?

Pre-set packages of performance equipment won't meet everyone's individual needs. We prefer to meet with our customers and design the performance upgrades to meet their particular style of driving. In the long run, you get exactly what you want, and don't spend money needlessly, and you get the performance you want for your car.

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