DYNO Laboratory Overview

Dyno Test Center. Click to View Larger Image Tony’s Corvette Shop has a world-class facility for dynamometer tuning that consistently produces accurate and repeatable results. Utilizing a SuperFlow 840 Chassis Dyno with Eddy Current Brakes, and our highly calibrated laboratory environment, we can accurately measure your car’s torque and horsepower under simulated “on the road” conditions. We have invested heavily in the equipment necessary to produce highly accurate and repeatable results. Much of this equipment is the same used by GM Delphi for engine and software development. Utilizing the newest technology in wide-band O-2 sensors, along with real-time calibration for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, we can accurately predict and tune the parameters necessary for your car’s maximum performance. Our custom designed wind tunnel fan system assures accurate thermal management of the car while simulating actual driving conditions.

Dyno Laboratory Services

  • Dyno Tuning for Corvettes, Camaros, Firebirds, GTOs & Cadillac CTS-V , GM Light Trucks 1986 through current model year.
  • Diagnostics & Evaluations
  • Tuning for all performance modifications
  • Transmission Tuning
  • GM SPS Computer Updates
  • Chip “burning” and programming
  • Dyno Test Runs & Performance Reporting
  • Wide-Band Air Fuel Measurement with bung installation
  • Custom Fuel Mapping, Ignition/Spark Mapping
Dyno Control Room. Click to View Larger Image

Almost anyone with the software can change tables and maybe stumble into more horsepower or possibly do serious damage. Do you really want to trust the investment you’ve made in your Corvette to a “tuner” that doesn’t have the knowledge or facilities to correctly and accurately maximize your car’s performance?

At Tony’s, we know these cars mechanically, electronically, and understand their unique operating characteristics. This knowledge, along with the proven accuracy of our facility and tuners, assures that your car will operate safely at its maximum torque and horsepower.