Performance Overview

Tony’s Corvette Shop offers the performance minded Corvette enthusiast a "One Stop" place for all their performance improvements. Most of our customers drive their cars daily or at least very frequently. They demand that they run correctly, idle correctly and are generally headache free. Well, at Tony’s we understand that. We have tested most of the popular performance products on the market either on the road or on the dyno. We know what works, and the many products that don’t.

Have you ever installed a part that just didn’t quite fit properly...turning a 1 hour job into a 1 day job. So have we. Have you installed a performance part claiming huge horsepower gains and have your car not run as well as before….sluggish throttle response…no get up and go….poor gas mileage...sooty exhaust tips …something rattles? We see examples of this all the time. At Tony’s, we save you all those headaches and also save you money. Since we know what works, we’ll only recommend those parts that fit correctly and that actually produce what they claim. You’ll spend your money more wisely and get the results you expect. Want us to bolt on the "other stuff" you got on sale? Not a chance! We won’t waste your money!

For the serious performance enthusiast, Tony’s offers complete engine building, supercharging, heads & cam installs, complete exhaust systems, complete suspensions, brake upgrades, racing accessories, trans and diff coolers, roll cages and much, much more. (See the individual categories for details.) Want to build a "spec built" race machine? Yes, we can custom build your car to your exact specifications for the type of events or classes you will be running in. Rather than offering packages, we customize your performance upgrades to your individual desires for horsepower, use and drive-ability. No fixed package deal fits everyone!

So for whatever your performance needs, contact us and we’ll get you more performance with the right stuff and save you time, aggravation and most of all... MONEY!