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C6 ZO6 Procharger Dyno Results

C6 ZO6 Procharger Dyno Results

We're not kidding! Our first C6 Z06 Supercharger install actually exceeded everyone's expectations. Utilizing an ATI Procharger producing 4 psi boost, and our custom tuning & fueling technology, we generated 615 horsepower at the rear wheels. Using a 15% driveline loss factor, this equals 722 flywheel horsepower.

This Z06 has about 10,000 miles on it, with our long tube headers, high flow catalytic converters and stock mufflers. We recently installed a mild cam with tuning that brought the horsepower up to 480 rear wheel horsepower from it factory 440 rwhp. Therefore, with supercharging and tuning we picked up an additional 135 horsepower at the wheels with only 4 pounds of boost. Of great interest and extreme importance, our Proprietary Fueling Technology again proved itself with extremely accurate air fuel ratios completely through the rpm range with no additional fuel pump or fuel pressure required.

Metrics: Barometric Pressure: 29.32, Temperature: 89 F, Humidity 38 %, SAE Correction Factor = 1.022
Red = Rear Wheel Torque -- (dashed line = before, solid line = supercharged)
Blue = Rear Wheel Horsepower --(dashed line = before, solid line = supercharged)

Absolutely NO "leaning out" at the top end. As you can see, peak horsepower was achieved at 6200 rpm with torque staying at over 500 lb/ft from 3500 rpm all the way to 6200 rpm. Peak torque equaled 551 lb/ft. at 4900 rpm. With this much torque, and the earlier horsepower peak, you don't have to rev the engine to 7000 rpm to gain max power, elapsed times or trap speeds.

Pricing is being developed now and we are already accepting deposits toward future installations. Call for details and estimated pricing and to get your Z06 on the list! Performance gains will vary depending on how your Z06 is equipped.