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Supercharged 2008 LS3 Dyno Results

Supercharged 2008 LS3 Dyno Results

Tony’s Corvette Shop has just completed it's first installation and tuning of a supercharger on the new 2008 Corvette with the LS3 engine. The Procharger P1SC was installed and produced approximately 5 psi of boost pressure at 6300 rpm. Larger fuel injectors were installed, however, stock fuel pressure was maintained. As expected, the LS3 responded well producing 550 rear wheel horsepower and 512 ft/lbs of torque on an industry comparable basis. This is an increase of 154 hp over the comparable stock runs.

Technical Specifications:

  • 2008 Corvette, LS3 6.2L, 10.5 /1.0 compression
  • 6 speed
  • Long Tube Headers, High Flow Cats, X-pipe and Corsa Mufflers
  • ATI ProCharger P1SC with 5 psi boost
  • Fuel: 93 octane at stock fuel pressure


  • Date 9-05-07
  • Temperature – 94 degrees
  • Humidity – 29.6%
  • Barometric Pressure – 29.37 in/Hg
  • Dyno: SuperFlow 840 in a calibrated laboratory environment

Installation Photos

Supercharged 2008 LS3 Installation Supercharged 2008 LS3 Installation Supercharged 2008 LS3 Installation

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